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ADT - Average Daily Traffic

AADT - Annual Average Daily Traffic

AM/FM - Automated Mapping/Facilities Management

AASHTO - American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act (1990)

AFV:      Alternate Fuel Vehicle

AMPO - Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations

APTA - American Public Transportation Association

BG MPO - Burlington-Graham Metropolitan Planning Organization

BOT - Board of Transportation (NCDOT)

CAA - Clean Air Act (1970)

CAAA - Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (United States)

CAD - Computer Aided Design

CAMPO - Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

CATS - Capital Area Transit System

3-C - Continuing, Cooperative, Comprehensive

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

CHT - Chapel Hill Transit

CIP - Capital Improvement Program

CMAQ - Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality grant program

CO - Carbon Monoxide

CO2 - Carbon Dioxide

C-O CRC - Chatham-Orange Community Resource Connection

CTN - Chatham Transit Network

CTP - Comprehensive Transportation Plan

CTSP - Community Transportation Service Plan

CTRAN - Cary Transit System

DAQ - Division of Air Quality (North Carolina)

DBE:       Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

DATA - Durham Area Transit Authority

DCHC MPO: Durham-Chapel Hill –Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Organization

DEIS - Draft Environmental Impact Statement

DENR - Department of Environment and Natural Resources (North Carolina)

DMV - Division of Motor Vehicles

DOT - Department of Transportation (North Carolina)

EA - Environmental Assessment

EAC - Early Action Compact (EPA)

EIS - Environmental Impact Statement

E+C - Existing Roads plus Committed Projects

EPA – U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

ERB - Environmental Review Board (Chatham County)

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FFY - Federal Fiscal Year (Oct 1 – Sept 30)

FHWA - Federal Highway Administration

FTA - Federal Transit Administration

GARVEE - Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle

GBASE - Green Building and Sustainable Energy Board (Chatham County)

GIS - Geographic Information Systems

GISP - GIS Professional

GIS-T - Geographic Information Systems-Transportation

GPS - Global Positioning System

HBO - Home Based Other (trip purpose)

HBS - Home Based Shopping (trip purpose)

HBW - Home Based Work (trip purpose)

HOT - High Occupancy Toll and Vehicle

HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle

HRRR - High Risk Rural Road

HSIP -    Highway Safety Improvement Plan

ISO/TC 211 - International Standards Organization Geographic Information/Geomatics standard

I/M - Inspection/Maintenance

ISTEA -Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (1991)

ITRE - Institute for Transportation Research and Education (NC State)

ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems

JARC - Job Access and Reverse Commute (FTA program, Section 5316)

KT RPO: Kerr-Tar Rural Transportation Planning Organization

LOS - Level-of-Service

LPA - Lead Planning Agency

LRTP  - Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

MAP21 - Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (current federal law)

MIS - Major Investment Study

MOA - Memorandum of Agreement

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding

MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization

MSA - Metropolitan Statistical Area

MTIP- Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program

MTP - Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP, old name was LRTP)

MUTCD - Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

NAAQS - National Ambient Air Quality Standards

NADO - National Association of Development Organizations

NCAMPO - North Carolina Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations

NCARPO - North Carolina Association of Rural Planning Organizations

NCDOT - North Carolina Department of Transportation

NCPTA - North Carolina Public Transportation Association

NCTA - North Carolina Turnpike Authority

NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act (1969)

NHB - Non Home Based (trip purpose)

NHS -National Highway System

NO- Nitrogen Oxides

OUTBoard - Orange Unified Transportation Advisory Board (Orange County)

PDEA - Project Development and Environmental Analysis Branch (NC DOT)

PM 2.5 - Particulate Matter, 2.5 micrometers

PPP – Public Private Partnership

PTD -Public Transportation Division (NCDOT)

PUD - Planned Unit Development

PWP - Planning Work Program

RGP - Rural General Public (Transit)

ROAP - Rural Operating Assistance Program (Transit)

ROW - Right-Of-Way

RPO - Rural Transportation Planning Organization

RSA - Road Safety Audit

RTF – Research Triangle Foundation

RTP - Research Triangle Park

ROW - Right-of-Way

SAFETEA-LU - Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users

SIP - State Implementation Plan (for air quality)

SOV - Single Occupancy Vehicle

SPOT - Strategic Planning Office of Transportation (NCDOT)

SRTS - Safe Routes to School

STAC - Special Transit Advisory Commission

STIP - State Transportation Improvement Program

STP - Surface Transportation Program

STP-DA - Surface Transportation Program-Direct Apportionment

TAB - Transportation Advisory Board (Chatham County)

TAC - Transportation Advisory Committee (local elected officials)

TARPO: Triangle Area Rural Transportation Planning Organization

TAZ - Traffic Analysis Zone

TCC - Technical Coordinating Committee (local staff)

TCM - Transportation Control Measure

TDM - Travel Demand Management

TEA - Transportation Enhancement Activity

TEA-21 - Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century

TIA - Traffic Impact Analysis

TIGER - Topologically integrated geographic encoding and referencing (Census GIS data files)

TIP - Transportation Improvement Program

TJCOG -                Triangle J Council of Governments

TMA - Transportation Management Area

TOD - Transit Oriented Development

TPB - Transportation Planning Branch (NCDOT)

TRM - Triangle Regional Model

TSM - Transportation System Management

TTA - Triangle Transit Authority

UAB - Urbanized Area Boundary

UPWP - Unified Planning Work Program

USC - United States Code

USDOT - United States Department of Transportation

USEPA - United States Environmental Protection Agency

VHT - Vehicle Hours of Travel

VMT - Vehicle Miles of Travel

VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds

VPD - Vehicles per Day

V/C - Volume-to-Capacity Ratio

WCS - Web Coverage Service

WFS - Web Feature Service

WMS - Web Map Service

WPS - Web Processing Service

WMTS - Web Map Tile Service