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2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan and Air Quality Report | Print |  E-mail
The 2040 MTP lists all the highway, transit and other transportation projects that the MPO plans to fund in the future.


The DCHC MPO adopted the 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (2040 MTP) and approved the related Air Quality Analysis and Conformity Determination report (AQ Conformity).  The 2040 MTP identifies the highway, transit and other transportation facilities to be implemented in the MPO over the next thirty years.  The AQ Conformity report demonstrates that the air pollutant emissions from the transportation sector represented in the 2040 MTP will not exceed established limits.

These are joint reports for the DCHC MPO and the Capital Area MPO, which provides transportation planning for the Raleigh metropolitan area.  Together, the two MPOs provide the bulk of long-range transportation planning for the Triangle Region.

The reports, maps and project tables can be found at the following links.

      2040 MTP Report -- Full Report
     Joint 2040 MTP full report (17 MB)

      2040 MTP Report -- By Chapters
     TOC - Table of Contents (96 KB)
     Chp. 1 - Executive Summary (5 MB)
     Chp. 2 - What is the Plan (339 KB)
     Chp. 3 - About Our Home (709 KB)
     Chp. 4 - Our Vision and How We Will Achive It (167 KB)
     Chp. 5 - How We Developed Our Plan (1 MB)
     Chp. 6 - Analyzing Our Choices (2 MB)
     Chp. 7 -  Our Metropolitan Transportation Plan (7 MB)
     Chp. 8 - Our Financial Plan (184 KB)
     Chp. 9 - Critical Factors in the Planning Process (1 MB)
     Chp. 10 - Post-2040 Comprehensive Transportation Plan Projects (84 KB)

      Maps (Appendix 10) (See Online Maps below for an alternative format)
     Highway Projects Map (4 MB)
     Transit Projects Map (3 MB)
     On-Road Bicycle Facilities Map (4 MB)
     Off-Road Bicycle Facilities Map (4 MB)

      Project Lists
     Table of Highway Projects (Appendix 1) (4 MB)
     Table of Transit Projects (Appendices 2 & 3) (1 MB)
     Table of Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects (Appendix 4) (183 KB)

     Roadway Projects (Appendix 1) (4 MB)
     Bus, Rail and Other Transit Services (Appendices 2 and 3) (1 MB)
     Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects (Appendix 4) (358 KB)
     Cross Sections and Safety Measures (Appendix 5) (34 KB)
     Appendix 6 -- See Air Quality Conformity Report below
     Public Comments (Appendix 7) (4 MB)
     Transportation Acronyms (Appendix 8) (584 KB)
     Greenhouse Gas (Appendix 9) (553 KB)
     Detailed Transportation and Growth Maps (Appendix 10) (536 KB)
     Year-of-Expenditure -- Financial Plan (Appendix 11) (792 KB)
     Environmental Justice and Critical Environmental Maps (Appendix 12) (540 KB)

      AQ Conformity Report
     2040 MTP and FY12-18 TIP Air Quality Conformity Report (544 KB)
     Link to Conformity Report Appendices

Comments should be forwarded to:
        Andy Henry
        City of Durham, Transportation Dept.
        101 City Hall Plaza
        Durham, NC  27701
        E-mail:    Phone:  (919) 560-4366, x-36419

Las partes criticas de los planes pueden ser traducida en español sobre petición.

Online Maps
The DCHC MPO and Capital Area MPO are providing online maps related to the 2040 MTP.  The user can manipulate these maps in the same manner as other online map applications such as Google and Bing: zoom-in/zoom-out; add other base maps; view and download the data; and change the symbology and coloring.  These maps will be draft versions until the plans are adopted but meanwhile the MPOs welcome your comments and suggestions.  The maps below are in a variety of formats for testing purposes. Use the following links to access the maps:

     * Socioeconomic Data (population and employment) by Traffic Analysis Zone
     * Highway Projects in 2040 MTP
     * Draft 2013 - 2023 STIP Highway Capacity Projects

Highway Volume and Capacity Maps
The congestion maps estimate the level of congestion in the year 2040 if all the projects in the 2040 MTP are operational.  The maps on the links below depict the level of congestion by dividing the traffic volume by the road capacity.  So, if the road has 8,000 vehicle trips per hour and the road capacity is 10,000 vehicles; the V/C (volume to capacity value) will be 0.80.  Note that the MPO's travel demand model uses a Level of Service (LOS) of "E," or the V/C = 1.0.  Most motorists would experience LOS E as congested and the overall travel delay would be significant especially in urban areas and those areas with many intersections and driveways.  Thus, most users of these maps will want to consider a roadway as congested and needing improvements as the V/C approaches 0.85, which is an approximation for the threshold for LOS D.

These maps are poster-sized, 34" by 44," which makes zooming into specific areas easy for the user in display mode.

     Congestion Maps (traffic volume/traffic capacity) based on daily traffic (8 MB)
     Congestion Maps (traffic volume/traffic capacity) based on afternoon peak period (7 MB)
     Traffic Volume Maps based on daily traffic (8 MB)

Critical Environmental Resources Maps
The 2040 MTP report provides maps that show the location of roadway projects and environmental resources.  However, the scale of those summary maps are not made for detailed review.  A poster-sized copy of those maps is provided below that permit the user to zoom in on the roadway projects and environmental features.  Please see the NC One Map Web site, the data source for these maps, for information on the legends and data.

     Wetlands and Floodplains (11 MB)
     Water Resources (2 MB)
     Water Supply (2 MB)
     Biodiversity (25 MB)
     Gamelands, Hunting Buffers and Smoke (3 MB)
     Farmlands (5 MB)
     Forests (12 MB)
     Hazards (1 MB)
     Historic Sites (2 MB)
     Parks and Recreation (22 MB)
     Developed Areas (2 MB)

Environmental Justice Maps

The 2040 MTP report has an analysis and maps showing the geographic relationship between the proposed roadway projects and low-income and minority populations, starting on page 76.  The following maps correspond to that report section.

     Low-income Map (2 MB)
     Minority Map (2 MB)
     African-American Map (2 MB)
     Hispanic Map (2 MB)
     Asian Map (2 MB)
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