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Air Quality Conformity

The DCHC MPO is requesting public input on the draft Air Quality Conformity Determination Report (AQ CDR).  Citizens can send their comments to Andy Henry,, (919) 560-4366, ext. 36419, through January 8, 2019  Citizens are also invited to speak directly to the MPO Board at a public hearing for the CDR on January 9, 2019, 9am, Committee Room, 2nd floor of Durham City Hall (101 City Hall Plaza, Durham, NC, 27701).  It is expected that the Board will approve the CDR at that meeting.  Note: citizens with special needs who need transportation to this meeting or assistance to communicate at the meeting can contact Mr. Henry. 

The Air Quality Conformity Determination Report (AQ-CDR) demonstrates that certain pollutant emissions from the future transportation sector will not exceed a specified threshold.  Although the Triangle area is in attainment for all of the controlled emissions, the area is in a maintenance program for ozone and therefore must demonstrate conformity for nitrous oxides, which help create ozone.  The MPO partner, Triangle J Council of Government, is responsible for coordinating the air quality conformity process and document. The Triangle J Web page here provides additional information on Air Quality regulations and the detailed appendices for the AQ CDR. The link below provides the Air Quality Conformity Determination Report.

Draft Air Quality CDR

Appendix D - Highway Projects