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Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Adopted Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)

Under Construction

Note that the final maps above have not yet been adopted. There will likely be changes to these maps before adoption.


Draft Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)

What is the CTP?
The DCHC MPO and North Carolina Department of Transportation  (NCDOT) have developed a draft Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP), and the MPO has released the draft for public comment through February 24, 2017.  The presentation on the following link provides what a CTP is, the reason for developing it, and what is in a CTP: What Is the CTP ?

How can I participate?
You can send your comments to Andy Henry (DCHC MPO) or Julie Bollinger ( NCDOT).  Staff will forward your comments to the MPO's executive board.  You can also participate in any of the public meetings and public hearings listed at the following link:  Where are the Public Meetings?

Where can I see the CTP?

  • Poster-sized PDF maps(Map tab), data tables and highway problem statements (Reports Tab) and the current Thoroughfare plans and roadway cross sections key (Resources Tab) are available at the following NCDOT web page:
  • The thumbnail icons on the top this webpage connect to interactive maps for each of the CTP modes
  • You can request printed copies from Andy Henry (DCHC MPO)

The DCHC MPO plans to adopt the CTP at the MPO Board meeting on March 8, 2017, Committee Room, 2nd floor of Durham City Hall.  The NCDOT Board of Transportation will likely adopt the CTP at their April or May meeting in 2017.


Draft Deficiency Analysis

The DCHC MPO is developing  a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP).  A Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) identifies roadway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian improvements that are to be implemented in the future. This planning process and document, which are required by the State of North Carolina, is similar to the recently completed 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (2040 MTP) but actually evaluates transportation needs beyond the year 2040 and is not restricted by expected funding levels (as is the 2040 MTP).

The DCHC MPO plans to develop the CTP, complete the public input process, and adopt a final plan by early 2017. This Web page currently provides information to staff as the plan is developed and will also provide draft documents and participation activities to the public as the process progresses. The  schedule and presentation below provide additional details.

This interactive map shows the highway congestion levels, i.e. volume capacity, for the 2040 no-build scenario and has future volume and current daily traffic counts to help evaluate the performance of the these roadways.

View larger map

Click here for the Draft Deficiency Documents

Comments can be directed to:

Andy Henry, Senior Transportation Planner, DCHC MPO, , (919) 560-4366, ext. 36419

Julie Bollinger, PE, Transportation Engineer, NCDOT,, (919) 717-0900

The MPO will publish a list of proposed highway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian improvements as a draft CTP in the fall of 2016.   At that time, the public will have the opportunity to comment on those projects and participate in related workshops and a hearing.