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Local Plans

The MPO conducts special studies when needed for critical roadways and corridors that experience high levels of congestion or have unique transportation challenges. These special studies each have their own webpage.

  • The MPO’s special studies are important because their recommendations are usually incorporated into the MPO’s long-range plans and eventually evaluated for possible funding, construction and policy. 
  • The DCHC MPO invests much time and resources developing long-range plans such as the Metropolitan Transportation Plan and Comprehensive Transportation Plan, which often extend twenty-five years or more into the future.  These long-range plans are approached from a regional perspective.  However, from time-to-time a particular roadway or corridor demand more detailed planning because of its relatively high importance or unique transportation challenges. 
  • The MPO or partner agencies (such as the NC Department of Transportation) conduct special studies to provide these needed details.  These studies commonly create different land use scenarios for the adjacent area and propose a variety of transportation alternatives to meet future demand before making the final recommendations.