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Farrington Road Corridor Study

The MPO used this report to help identify which projects would be included in the long-range transportation plan.

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Farrington Road Corridor Study

The DCHC MPO conducted a study of the Farrrington Road corridor to identify appropriate transportation improvements in this environmentally-sensitive area. The MPO used the study results to identify projects for inclusion in the 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). The Farrington Road Corridor is a potentially high-growth area but also has a high proportion of environmentally-sensitive wetlands, flood plains and Jordan Lake. The DCHC MPO conducted a study to identify transportation improvements to this area while protecting the natural environment and implementing the concepts of smart growth to our built environment. The report is available for review at the link below. Please note that this is document is very large -- it is almost 35 megabytes.
filebank document ExcerptsFarringtonStudy.pdf 
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filebank document FarringtonRoadCorridorStudyReportDraft.pdf