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What is GIS

GIS is a system of data, hardware, software, and procedures to facilitate the management, manipulation, analysis, modeling, representation and display of spatial information to support decision making for solving the complex problems regarding planning and management of resources. GIS data and tools are commonly-used within the DCHC MPO. GIS is being integrated into the MPO transportation planning, modeling and operations through the implementation of Enterprise GIS with all associated components including databases, applications, portals, standards and others. DCHC MPO GIS has developed/implemented and been maintaining a comprehensive, up-to-date MPO region-wide GIS database with associated components as a strategic resource for the MPO, partnering agencies from local, state, federal government, and citizens. Enterprise GIS components are made readily accessible and usable throughout the MPO and to its partners and are being integrated with the planning, modeling and operational activities of the MPO. The MPO Enterprise GIS is made accessible through the local networks, intranet and through the Internet. The MPO Enterprise GIS will continue to evolve with the changes in the technology, needs, and business environment.

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a part of application support team at DCHC MPO. It is the responsibility of the team to collect, update, maintain, and analyze geographic data and to prepare maps, reports, and analyses using information derived from these data. The team also provides GIS services and support to DCHC MPO staff for MPO plans, models, programs and the DCHC MPO partners, and the public.

Data Sets

    This page provides access to GIS data layer lists, major GIS data layers, data standards and user guides utilized by DCHC MPO. DCHC MPO dataset layers lists are provided below: 

DCHC MPO GIS Datasets Lists
   DCHC MPO GIS Data Repository Core Datasets List
   DCHC MPO GIS Data Repository Model Datasets List
   DCHC MPO GIS Data Repository Planning Datasets List

DCHC MPO ArcGIS Open Data Portal is provided below for GIS file downloads, please click the link below to access and download data;

DCHC MPO  ArcGIS Open Data Portal to Download GIS Data 
 MPO ArcGIS Open Data Portal

  DCHC MPO Major Datasets are provided as zipped files through the table below;

 Please click on the links below to download major datasets
 Administrative Boundaries  Landuse
Infrastructure  Transit
 Socio-Economy  Transportation

DCHC MPO Major GIS Standards are provided as zipped files through the table below;

DCHC MPO  Major GIS Standards links are provided below
 Basic MetaData Elements SOP
 Coordinate Projection SOP
 GIS Data Standards

DCHC MPO Major GIS User Manuals are provided as zipped files through the table below;

DCHC MPO  Major GIS Manuals links are provided below
 MPO ArcGIS Online User Manual
 MPO ArcGIS Open Data User Manual


DCHC MPO Traffic Data Portal
 Traffic Volume - AADT
 Travel Time - Speed Data
 Real Time Traffic (Google Maps)
 Turning Movement Counts (Motorized Vehicles Only) 2011-2017
 Bike Counts 2011-2017
 Ped Counts 2011-2017
Real Time Transit (Transloc)
Transit Data (2016)
 Congestion Management Process (CMP) Interactive Map
These maps are provided by DCHC MPO Partner Agencies

NCDOT Collisions from 2007 - 2014

  Click on a map thumbnail to see the online interactive gis map.  All online maps have been published for public use on desktop and mobile devices.  Use the Swipe/Scroll arrows to see all map images if needed.